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Yoga means a lot to me. I have been doing yoga for many years. I belong to the Ananda church of self-realization in Bothell Washington and yoga and meditation are part of our practice. So after several years of attending Ananda and doing yoga and mediation there I decided to take the YTT and meditation classes offered at Ananda.
I have been teaching classes at Ananda ever since and I continue my education there but taking more advanced teaching classes.

Hello yoga people, welcome to MyFigTree yoga blog site.

MyFigTree Yoga

Welcome to my yoga blog! I am a certified Ananda yoga teacher, I have been teaching for two years and I love to share my gentle yoga with everyone. I also like to challenge my students in the more advanced asanas in the Hatha yoga classes.
I teach at East-West Bookstore in Seattle Wa at 1030am on Mondays and at 1030 on Tuesdays at the Ananda Temple in Bothell WA. I teach a chair yoga class followed by a regular yoga class at the Redmond Senior Center in Redmond WA on Friday mornings starting at 900am.